Paddle Boarding and Insurance- What you need to know


When you are paddleboarding or giving lessons, you are putting yourself a risk. Are you prepared for that? Often we don’t think about insurance and what should be insured. We go with the motions, and if we get hurt, it is off to the doctor’s office.
Paddleboarding is a great escape from your everyday stress. Having fun easy but getting insurance is more leisurely. Think three steps ahead and prevent any permanent damages from occurring. Once it is endless, there is no going back.
When considering any vehicle, it is always important to remember that accidents happen to the best of us. At any given moment, you can find yourself in a mishap. However, you may be thinking that it doesn’t apply to paddleboarding, but it does.
There are a few things to keep in mind if this will be an ongoing hobby of yours. Follow these tips to ensure your security and safety. This is everything you need to know about paddle boarding and insurance.

Find the right insurance.

Finding the right insurance can be overwhelming. There are so much advertising and claims that assure you’ll be in good hands. Nonetheless, there are a few that will offer free quotes with estimates for monthly payments plus fees.

You must find one that covers accident protection, damages and has all the bells and whistles for a fraction of their competitors. Quality over quantity is essential, but remember to live within your means.

Many policies offer different perks, bonuses, and budgets. I advise sticking to well-known companies such as Geico, All-State, etc. Through third-party companies with a lack of information, training, and legitimacy, people are often get scammed.


Now let us steer away from all the serious talk. Whenever you purchase any vehicle, you might consider buying accessories. Although it may be pricey, some add-ons are essential—for instance, non-slip floor mats and grips.

Cosmetics are not necessary but can play a huge role. Putting modern touches on your paddleboard can increase its worth. Flipping and investing can apply to paddleboards as well. Upgrade its appearance to attract buyers, and you’ve got yourself a sale.

How you equip the mechanism is essential. For instance, purchasing cheap parts will decrease its longevity. The vehicle will break down quicker and cost more to repair. Your goal is to save money and spend less.

Ensure before buying
The wisest thing to do is secure yourself before making a move. Ensuring that you have followed all the necessary steps, insurance is the first thing that needs to be initiated. Don’t let anyone fool you. A lot of mistakes begin with ignorance.

Maintain your Paddleboard

Keep a close eye on maintenance. Verify that you have a consistent maintenance schedule. For instance, clean it weekly, get it checked monthly and touch it up every six months. Just like owning a car or a home, it is vital to keep it in excellent shape.
Especially for a potential buyer if you are looking to sell it in the future. I am not saying that you need the latest gadgets and gizmos, but here and there, it is ideal for giving a second look to make sure it is in tip-top shape.

Do not buy a used one.

Unless it has barely been used, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a used one. There can be damages, scratches, and issues that the seller may neglect to inform you of. Yes, it may be cheaper in the wallet, but it can be a cash guzzler at the end of the day.
With repairs, repainting, and touch-ups, this will eat up a ton of cash. Do not focus on the most expensive one out there. However, a paddleboard with all the bells and whistles and fully functioning. Just make sure it doesn’t make a dent in the bank.

Think of it as purchasing a car. Do you go for the newest model or the eldest? I would choose somewhere in between. It is updated and modern while possessing the more unique specs that I enjoy. Of course, this isn’t a car, but you get it.

Educate Yourself

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Be the one to know the ins and outs. Many predatory insurance sellers will try to motivate you to buy anything just as long as they get the sale.
Research is a bit tedious, but it is vital and well needed. Read about all the plans out there are compare. Here is a tip, whenever you feel stuck, try creating a pros and cons list. That way, you can narrow down your choices. It will be easier to choose from.
Larger companies don’t seek business desperately because they have their loyal customers actively using their services. Smaller companies as well as third-parties prey on any potential buyer, especially if they are not familiar.
A great example is, a first-time driver is searching for car insurance. This is their first time being introduced to the world of driving and insurance. They are vulnerable to scams and sketchy companies, which would overcharge you for nothing.

“One of the best ways to stay safe is to have the right equipment and know your conditions”  says Jamie Davis of Paddling Waves LLC   “Having the wrong equipment for the conditions can get you into trouble, we can help with that.” Davis says.

With all that being said, there is a lot to it. Paddleboarding may be the desired hobby, but it is critical to ensure and protect others’ safety and yourself and your wallet.

Some crooks will tell you otherwise. Nonetheless, I urge you to research and compare. Get the boring stuff out of the way and indulge in the fun. Hey, if you are looking for a great way to invest. This can be your source.

People flip houses; you can flip a paddleboard. I mean, you would fall in the water, but flip it figuratively. I wouldn’t want you falling without insurance. That would not be very good.

Indeed, ask for advice from peers and relatives. If they are into paddleboarding, they can further elaborate on helpful tips. Experienced people are the ones you want to ask.
Finally, don’t forget to have fun. I think that is the aim. After all, is said and done. Keep a sharp eye and have a great time.



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