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Tips For Hiring A Family Health Insurance | DESC

A family medical insurance mutual insurance, that is, insurance companies make offers and discounts depending on the number of people who want to be included in the policy.

However, a family medical insurance is much more than that. Not only do we obtain a reasonable price, but the coverage must be adapted to the different needs of the family members. It is clear that they will not have the same needs or young children, young people, adults and people over 60 years.

Conception And Birth Services

This includes preparation for childbirth, the study of sterility, impotence or infertility, coverage for the newborn, conservation of young stem cells.

Health Coverage

The most prudent thing, in this case, is to hire medical insurance instead of reimbursement of expenses, although everything depends on each family situation.

Family Planning Services

Here you should include tubal ligations and vasectomies, implantation of the IUD, control of treatment with anovulatory…

Control And Treatment Against Menopause

Services Of Psychology

In this section, it is fundamental to analyze the coverage and the limits.

Dental Roofs

They must include free and subsidized services, which cover a percentage of the price of the service or fixed fees with discounts.

If there were people over 60 in the family, the possibility of incorporating health services adapted to their age and needs would have to be reviewed.