Calculation Of The Family Health Insurance Fee | DESC

To calculate the insurance premium, insurance companies consider some factors, which are the same as for those who want to contract individual health insurance. Then, they apply the discounts that they find pertinent depending on the number of insured or the single status.

For example, babies and children are more expensive to insure them. It is also costly to protect women who are of childbearing age. Likewise, after the age of 60, the quota also rises considerably.

Other aspects that companies consider when setting insurance prices are the lifestyle (alcoholism, smoking, among other factors), place of residence, and weight (it is shown that obesity and overweight influence the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases).

Buy Medical Insurance To Travel To The United States

Buying medical insurance to move to the United States as a tourist is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. In fact, if something goes wrong, it is nonsense to lack insurance.

To be taken into account when contracting international medical insurance.

The maximum amount that the policy covers. Remember that in the US, medical care is costly.

Verify if a deductible must be paid. That is if you have to put a minimum of money out of pocket before the insurance begins to pay for medical expenses.

Make sure you have to pay a copayment. In other words, if there is a medical emergency, if you have to pay a deductible amount first and then the rest is spent between the insurer and the sick person in a percentage contracted in advance.

 Find out if there are diseases excluded in the insurance policy or specific activities, such as risk sports.

Be clear if the insurance covers only one person or the whole family and if it is for just one trip or for all those that are made within one year.

And also be clear before using insurance to which doctors and hospitals you can go. It is possible that you cannot choose anyone, except in cases of severe emergency.

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